LOCATION : The City College of New York

DATE : June 5-6, 2013

The 8th Annual NOAA CREST Symposium will be held on June 5 through 6th 2013 at the CUNY/City College of New York. June 5th is observed as World Environment Day by UNEP worldwide and will thus be befitting to kick off our 8th Annual CREST Symposium where individuals from different research areas will all come together to discuss common urban coastal environmental issues.

The recent extreme weather patterns that hit the North East of the Continental US left even the politicians to think about climate and extreme weather events, > and why 100 year flood happen more frequently.

This year's NOAA CREST Symposium will assemble government administrators, climatologists, scholars, researchers, economists, social scientists and the media for a 2 day symposium. Participants will be able to share research ideas and results and have the opportunity to develop professional networks with other scientishts and educators from various agencies and groups including NOAA, NASA and other federal agencies.


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  • Climate Vulnerability and Assessment,Mitigation and Adaptation
  • Weather and Atmosphere: Weather Ready Nation
  • Resilient Urban Ecosystems and Coastal Communities
  • Land and Water Resources
  • Lessons Learnt from Super Storm Sandy


Plenary Session
Using satellite data for extreme weather events and climate change Dr. Al Powell, NOAA/NESDIS/STAR Download Here
Crest sciences address extreme weather and climate issues Dr. Reza Khabilvardi, NOAA-CREST Download Here
Crest sciences address extreme weather and climate issues Radley Horton, NASA/GISS Download Here
Technical Session I : Extreme Events in Urban Coastal Communities
Tropical Moisture Exports and extreme rainfall Upmanu Lall, Earth Institute, Columbia Uni. Download Here
Extreme weather forecasting - Coastal Urban Ecosystems Dr. Jorge Gonzalez, NOAA-CREST. Download Here
Improving storm surge forecasts and adapting our urban coasts Alan Blumberg, Stevens Institute of technology. Download Here
Evaluating impacts of climate change and hurricanes on secondary production in coastal embayment Michael Weinstein,New Jersey Institute of technology. Download Here
Preparation, Response and Recovery- Early Lessions from hurricane sandy and new york city. William Solecki,CUNY Institute for sustainable cities, HUNTER college. Download Here
Assessing the ecological impacts of hurricane sandy on New Jersey shorelines. Firas Saleh, Center for Natural resources, development and protection, NJIT. Download Here
Technical Session IIA : Climate Vulnerability and Assessment, Mitigation and Adaptation
Winter climate extremes over northeast united states and teleconnection with large scale climate variability Liang Ning. University of Massachusetts. Download Here
Vulnerability to extreme heat in New York City Jaime Madrigano, Earth Institute, Columbia University. Download Here
Intergrated Climate Adaptation Among Livestock smallholders in the Gandaki River Basin, Nepal Nir Krakuer,NOAA-CREST. Download Here
Health Exposure,Socio-Economic Vulnerability and Infrastructure at risk Lesley Patrick, CICS, Hunter College. Download Here
Changes of the Hydrological balance of caribbean Lakes Daniel Comarazamy, NOAA_CREST. Download Here
Technical Session IIB : Coastal Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment
CREST Long Island Coastal Observatory- a Resource for Regional observation. Sam Ahmed, NOAA-CREST. Download Here
Enviromental Stressors Driving relative sea level rise of river delta systems. Zachary Tessler, Crossroads Initiative CCNY. Download Here
Ocean Color observations and their applications to climate studies. Alex Gilerson, NOAA-CREST. Download Here
A bidirectional Reflectance distribution correction model for retrieval of water leaving radiance data in coastal waters Soe Hlaing, NOAA-CREST. Download Here
Hyperspectral remote sensing of tropical coastal environments : The use of HICO data to derive water quality parameters in puerto rico. Roy Armstrong, URPM, NOAA-CREST. Download Here
Education and Communication Session
Towards a weather ready nation: public education, engagement and communication on extreme weather events. Shakila Merchant, NOAA-CREST. Download Here
Towards a weather ready nation II. Sean potter, NOAA/NWS. Download Here
Technical Session III : Science of Climate and Climate change
Do we know how storms will change in a climate warming. William Rossow, NOAA-CREST. Download Here
Towards a weather ready nation II. Ralph Ferraro, NOAA/NESDIS/STAR. Download Here
Technical Session IVA : Rain, Snow and Coastal Flood Hazards
Case study of torrential rain and flood in merrimack river valley in may 2006 Jian-Hua Qian, University of Massachusetts. Download Here
Prediction of coastal flooding at residence zones and transportation infrastructure at the east bank of delaware bay in sea level rise conditions hansong Tang, NOAA-CREST Download Here
CREST-Safe: A long Term field campaign experiment for snow using microwave remote sensing Tarendra Lakhankar, NOAA-CREST Download Here
A short term rainfall prediction algorithm Nazario Ramirez, UPRM,NOAA-CREST Download Here
Towards developing a global Inundation/flood monitoring system using ATMS Kibrewossen Tesfargiorgis, NOAA-CREST Download Here
Technical Session IVB : Atmosphere and Air Quality
Stratospheric Aerosol and Gas Experiment (SAGE III) on the ISS Pat McCormick, Hampton University, NOAA-CREST Download Here
GOES-R ABI sounding ALgorithm Development Stanislav Kireev, Hampton University Download Here
FPGA Programming for Real Time Analysis of LIDAR systems Sameh Abdelazim Fairleigh dickinson University Download Here
Limb Scattering Radiative transfer model development in support of Ozone mapping and profiler suite (OMPS) limb profiler mission Robert Loughman, Hampton University Download Here
Noise reduction in lidar signals using interval-thresholded empirical mode decomposition Kevin Leavor, Hampton University Download Here
Technical Session VA : Remote Sensing and Monitoring of Extreme events
Transport of Asian Dust to the Mid-Atlantic United States, Lidar, satellite observations and PM2.5 speciation Ruben Delgado, UMBC, NOAA-CREST Download Here
Hurtling over regional observation of extreme weather events while forming partnerships Mark Arend NOAA-CREST Download Here
Cross Validation of solar radiation using remote sensing equipment and GOES satellite Hamed Parsiani, UPRM, NOAA-CREST Download Here
Microwave based snowfall rate estimation, Artificial neural network approach Ali Zahraei, NOAA-CREST Download Here
Improving hydrological modeling in NYC reservoir watersheds using remote sensing evapotranspiration and soil moisture product Naira Chaouch, NOAA-CREST Download Here
Technical Session VB : Storm, Drought and Extreme Events
Heat Waves, heat islanda and Global warming. Steve LaDochy, California State University, Los Angeles, CA Download Here
Classifying Extratropical Cyclone extremes in the Northeast. A probability based approach James Booth, NASA-GISS, Columbia University Download Here
Delaware Reservoirs, Drought Risk Assessment: A Paleo View Naresh Devineni, Columbia Water center, Columbia University Download Here
A Simple web based method for scheduling irrigation in Puerto rico Eric Harmsen, UPRM, NOAA CREST Download Here
Mapping Manhattan's Urban Heat Island Brian Vant Hull,NOAA CREST Download Here


The City College Of New York

160 Convent Avenue
New York, NY 10031



  • Columbia University,COlumbia Water Center (CWC)
  • Consortium for Climate Risk in Urban NorthEast (CCRUN)
  • NJIT, Center For Natural Resources Development and Protection (NRDP)
  • Stevens Institue of Technology, The Center for Maritime Systems (CMS)