Research Groups

Research Groups

Coastal and Ocean Optical Remote Sensing Group

The Coastal and Ocean Optical Remote Sensing Laboratory (ORS Lab) is an effort by a broad community of interdisciplinary scientists to study the interaction of light with the ocean and its constituents. The Coastal and Ocean ORS Lab is part of the NOAA-CESSRST at CCNY.

Coastal Urban Environmental Research Group

The Coastal Urban Environmental Research Group (CUERG) conducts climate research studies on complex coastal urban areas including but not limited to; the states of California, New York, the islands of Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic.

Remote Sensing Socio-hydrological Vulnerability Group

The interests of this research group are in the analysis of the transfer of water and energy between the land surface and the lower atmosphere through the modeling of the hydrological and meteorological processes. We monitor these processes using satellite imagery and we utilize appropriate models to predict their evolution.

Data Science and Cloud Computing

Our group applies mathematics and computational science to problems in remote sensing and earth science. We develop methods and technology to give NOAA scientists and their collaborators better tools for information exploration, visualization, data integration and compression.

Weather and Atmosphere Remote Sensing Group

The purpose of the Atmospheric Research Lab is to monitor and investigate the optical properties of the atmosphere. This is accomplished with remotely-sensed data, received from operational and research satellites, and stationary instruments deployed at observation sites.