NERTO Students

Rose Jimenez

Rose Jimenez
PhD, Earth & Environmental Sciences, Graduate

Internship Location: Virtual/Remote, hosted by NOAA NEFSC Social Science Branch—Falmouth, MA

Internship Date: March 1-June 4 2021

NERTO Research Project Title:

Social Indicator Mapping Opportunity for Cooperative Science Center (CSC) Student

NERTO Outcomes:

Training outcomes include an increased ability to apply qualitative analysis (i.e. theory, archival research results) to fortify quantitative analysis results. Additionally, industry knowledge and praxis in creating section 508-compliant (website accessibility and engagement) online map products. The research outcome was an archival research mapping product that will be used for multiple purposes. Primarily, the map products will be used as public-facing informational tool that shows a qualitative analysis of the quantitative data, which supports NOAA’s ongoing plan in accordance with a 2013 executive order to increase public access to research results. The Story Map will also link the internal and external audiences to several NOAA data sources. Internal use will include use in an ongoing endeavor to expand the social indicators of gentrification pressure. The Story Map is intended to also set a precedent for related NOAA Fisheries Story Maps in focused other NOAA regional jurisdictions and/or the other community social vulnerability indicators and/or variable time periods.

Value of NERTO to the Line Office:

NERTO Value to the line office included 1) a literature re-review of the original NOAA social indicators research, 2) Map products for multiple stakeholder levels in accordance with NOAA’s efforts to increase public data accessibility, 3) a Section 508-compliant web product and accessibility precedents for future StoryMaps, and 4) agglomerating multiple quantitative and qualitative NOAA data (including photography, community snapshots, social indicators raw and scored data, and oral histories).

NERTO Skills:

After being in school full-time the last four years, I became reacquainted with office etiquette. Attending weekly branch and center meetings offered insight into NOAA’s professional culture and expectations. Additionally, professional development included a “Professional Hurt and Healing” seminar (4/15/2021), Section 508 accessibility compliance for media communications (meeting 4/13/2021, et al.), and "Understanding how members of the U.S. public access, share, & interpret changing forecast information: tropical cyclone threats” (seminar 4/21/2021).