NERTO Students

Roberto Arias

Roberto Arias
M.S, Digital Signal Processing, Computer Engineering, Graduate

Internship Location: It will be remote (online), MD.

Internship Date: Spring 2021 (March-June)

NERTO Research Project Title:

"The development of ocean color satellite multi-sensor data fusion techniques."

NERTO Outcomes:

Thanks to my experiences with this NERTO, I was able to better understand articles written by my mentor, Michael Ondrusek. This led to us to be able to use Python programming features such as Heat Maps to be able to find radiance wavelengths that are able to produce better readings of Total Suspended Matter than the 640 wavelength in VIIRS. Which will help the team use the new PACE satellite more efficiently to execute those readings in the future when the satellite is available.

NERTO Skills:

I learned how to fetch and filter water samples for chlorophyll and CDOM. I also learned how to create Heat Maps and execute regressions on Python to create formulas from Excel sheets.