NERTO Students

Ishrat Jabin

Ishrat Jabin
M.S, Earth System Science and Environmental Engineering, Graduate, 06/04/2021

Internship Location: Silver Spring, MD

Internship Date: Summer 2020

NERTO Research Project Title:

Data Analytics of NOAA’s R&D Enterprise for CSC Student

NERTO Outcomes:

1. Expanded work portfolio (NERTO report and AFS presentation)2. Expanded professional network of government workers3. Led and managed community of practice meetings

Value of NERTO to the Line Office:

Ishrat’s goal of exploring and implementing textual analysis tools on the NOAA Research and Development Database (NRDD) portfolio for data driven decision making was achieved. In doing so, she was able to expand upon existing best practices for data analysis. Her code and methodology can be used as a reference for future analyses of NRDD data. Through her work, Ishrat demonstrated a course of action for improving the quality of data in the NRDD. Ishrat informed and demonstrated the utility of the NRDD to the American Fisheries Society (AFS) and to representatives of NOAA Line Offices. The NRDD is intended to become a one stop repository for NOAA-wide research and development. Ishrat’s presentation to the AFS and NOAA Library Seminar will aid in giving the NRDD more visibility. During her NERTO experience, Ishrat served as member of the Research Council’s executive secretariat team and helped to facilitate monthly Research Council meetings. She was also given the opportunity to lead Data Analysis Community of Practice meetings and Office of Science Support staff meetings.

NERTO Skills:

I became much more proficient in R/Rstudio. I also learned a data science technique called term frequency-inverse document frequency which is a textual analysis tool.