NERTO Students

Guadalupe Ortega

Guadalupe Ortega
M.E, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Graduate

Internship Location: Greenbelt, MD/NASA GSFC GOES-R Ground Segment Product

Internship Date: June 17 - September 06, 2019


Ortega’s career interest in NOAA is not only to expand her knowledge, including programming and image processing, she also wants to look for a way to help others with research and to look for opportunities to make her career advance professionally

NERTO Research Project Title:

GOES-R Science Product Internship 2019

NERTO Project Details :


The project focuses on data or software associated with GOES-R instruments. The intern will experience the science, technology, and culture behind a space mission of major national importance such as GOES-R.

The above tasks allowed Ortega to develop the skills and experience needed to access, manage and use GOES-R science products and the process to bring these products to the operations theater. She also learned about data analysis and software tools associated with GOES-R instruments. This new in-depth knowledge will contribute to her own research project at NOAA CESSRT, University of Texas at El Paso. In addition, Ortega made professional connections with NOAA-NESDIS and NASA-GSFC and created a foundation for her potential employment/internships in NOAA mission enterprise

NERTO Outcomes:

On my NERTO experience I learned about the different satellites and the data that they produce and more important on how to manage it. This research experience gave me confidence on the are and will help me not only in the completion on my thesis but in future researchs.

Value of NERTO to the Line Office:

The GOES-R Program line office benefited from the NERTO internship through the close inspection of the mission science product portfolio, experiencing the customer-perspective of data accessibility, and exploring data utility within the global environmental science community. Specifically, this NERTO project provided independent inspection and examination of ABI land surface temperature and cloud masked data. The exercise of facilitating data access, reading disparate data formats, exploring tool functionality, and performing cross-validation with independent ground surface and modeled data was a valuable experience for the staff to participate in as well as mentoring the intern’s execution of scientific methodology, writing, and presentation. There are both science and social benefits to mission staff from interacting with NERTO students and participating in the formulation and execution of their projects. Inquisitive student ideas and student energy provide mission staff with benefits in the form of positive morale, continuing education while discussing research topics, and broad product application awareness in the extended user community beyond documented mission customers.

NERTO Skills:

Yes, I increased my computer programming skills in Matlab and on data analysis. Also, it helped me increased my skills on oral presentations.