NERTO Students

Equisha Glenn

Equisha Glenn
PhD, Civil Engineering, Graduate

Internship Location: NCWCP

Internship Date: Fall 2018 - Aug 27 - Dec 12


Glenn holds a Bachelor’s in Biology, a Bachelor’s in Earth Systems Science and Environmental Engineering, a Master’s in Sustainability in Urban Environments, and a Master’s in Environmental Engineering and Earth System Science all from The City College of New York. Her interests and ongoing research involve the study of climate trends on water resources in the coastal, urban regions, which includes the Caribbean and surrounding region.

NERTO Research Project Title:

Modeling Impacts of Caribbean Climate on Water Resources on Surrounding Regions

NERTO Project Details :

Synopsis: This project analyzed how sea surface temperatures, meteorological, and land surface variations influence precipitation in the Meso-American region, which includes the Caribbean, Gulf region, and surrounding continental areas. The goal is to understand processes well enough to aid prediction of precipitation variations associated with local and large-scale climate variations such as El Niño

NERTO Outcomes:

I learned fundamentals of atmospheric modeling and data assimilation. In addition, the exposure to more atmospheric related topics helped me generate important results for my research regarding the drivers of precipitation in the Caribbean. These research results provide the foundation I need to model the changes in precipitation and understand the impacts on water resources in the Caribbean and surrounding region. The results are being summarized in an article to be published.

Value of NERTO to the Line Office:

NESDIS gained a clearer understanding of processes responsible for seasonal to interannual precipitation variations in the inter-American region, including surrounding continental regions. This included an understanding of associations between the Gulf/Caribbean region and the southern U.S. precipitation variations

NERTO Skills:

I learned the fundamentals of atmospheric modeling and data assimilation, multi-variable analysis and additional analysis tools in Matlab and R.