NERTO Students

Eder Herrera Estrella

Eder Herrera Estrella
M.S, Environmental Engineering, Graduate, 06/01/2018

Location: NOAA/NESDIS/STAR, College Park, MD
Start and End Date: 05/01/2018 – 07/21/2018
NOAA Mentor: Dr. Michel Ondrusek


Herrera received his undergraduate and Master’s degrees in Environmental Engineering in from The City College of New York.

NERTO Research Project Title:

Multi and Hyperspectral Above-Surface Radiometric Observations of the Ocean in Various Atmospheric and Ocean Envir

NERTO Project Details :

NERTO Synopsis: Accurate retrieval of the water leaving radiance from above water radiometric measurements is a challenging task. The correction for the sky reflection depends on the wind speed, illumination and viewing conditions and atmospheric parameters. Advanced algorithms which take into account aerosol load will be tested and compared with the radiative transfer simulations. The approaches will be further used in the validation of the satellite Ocean Color sensors

NERTO Outcomes:

Herrera gained new basic coding in languages such as Python, C++, Fortran

Value of NERTO to the Line Office:

NESDIS gained more information on algorithms for calculating water leaving radiance that take into account aerosol loads. Results are useful for validating satellite ocean color sensors

NERTO Skills:

ArcGIS, AutoCAD, HEC-HMS, Matlab, R Studio