NERTO Students

Damien Hudson

Damien Hudson
M.S, Economics, Graduate, 05/29/2019

Internship Location: Silver Spring, MD

Internship Date: Feb 25 - May 17


Hudson received his undergraduate and Master’s degrees in Economics and a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering from The City College of New York. With his background in economics, he plans to use various statistical and/or analytical tools to explain and predict changes in the Earth’s environment and to make an impact on the allocation of resources on Earth.

NERTO Research Project Title:

Understanding the effects of drought on the Mississippi River

NERTO Project Details :


This project focuses on understanding community vulnerability and resilience to drought; the project is also part of a broader effort to understand drought impacts for communities along the Mississippi River corridor. The student will work with the NOAA Chief Economist team and other project stakeholders in determining scope, formulating research questions, reviewing literature and methods, collecting and analyzing data, and reporting results. The results of this work will help the National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS) in their collaboration with the Mississippi River Cities and Towns Initiative (MRCTI).

NERTO Outcomes:

I only did literature reviews. No training or data driven outcomes.

Value of NERTO to the Line Office:

The results of this research help NOAA understand how drought affects vulnerability and resilience among communities along the Mississippi River.

NERTO Skills: