NERTO Students

Adedoja Adeyeye

Adedoja Adeyeye
M.E, Civil Engineering, Graduate, 06/01/2018

Internship Location: College Park, MD

Internship Date: Summer 2018


Adeyeye received his undergraduate degree in Environmental Engineering from Stony Brook University. He interned at the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. His goal is to develop a science and engineering based understanding of weather prediction and natural disaster prevention

NERTO Research Project Title:

Inter-comparison and Validation of Remote Sensing Satellite based Soil Moisture Product

NERTO Project Details :

NERTO Synopsis: 

Significant advances have been achieved in generating soil moisture (SM) products from satellite remote sensing and/or land surface modeling with reasonably good accuracy in recent years. However, the discrepancies among the different SM data products can be considerably large, which hampers their usage in various applications. Nevertheless, understanding the characteristics of each of these SM data products is required for many applications including flood assessment and drought monitoring. Therefore, most accurate soil moisture data products availability resulting in potentially great economic, environmental and social benefits.

The objective of 12 weeks NERTO research is to estimate bias, accuracy and reliability of these products, which can be used for validation and improvement for NOAA soil moisture product. This study inter‐compares soil moisture products from different remote sensing sensors (Microwave, and Thermal Infrared) and Land surface models with each other, and evaluates them against in situ SM measurements.The intern is expected to join our team for the effort and will understand the soil moisture data processing, statistical comparison and applications in hydrology and water resources management.

NERTO Outcomes:

A statistical analysis was done on soil moisture measurements from stations across America when validating satellite data. Training in Python, Fortran90 and Linux was done in order to obtain bias, biased RMSE, unbiased RMSE and correlation coefficient of each soil moisture ground measurement and its respective satellite measurement between year 2015-2018

Value of NERTO to the Line Office:

The objective to the NERTO research was to estimate bias, accuracy, and reliability among soil moisture measurements from different remote sensing sensors. The results are useful to NESDIS for validating and improving NOAA's soil moisture products.

NERTO Skills:

Python Linux Fortran90