Dr. William Hernandez

Dr. William Hernandez
Post Doctoral Fellow, CUNY (2017-2019)

Research Activities Support CESSRST Theme: Coastal Resilience (Dr. Maria Tzortziou, Dr. Roy Armstrong).

Project I: CESSRST Coastal Ocean Observing Systems Project II: Ecosystem health towards sustainability

Post-Doc Highlights 

  • Over 20 field sampling campaigns to support NOAA missions of Healthy Ocean and Coastal Resilience focused in water quality and ocean color in Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and Hawaii from July 2017 to June 2019.
  • Support and mentoring of 5 Ph.D. students and 1 Master student from CUNY, UPRM, and TAMU-Corpus Christi, including cross-center collaborations with NCAS-M and CCME.
  • Organized and provided training and workshops to over 60 participants in various remote sensing technologies and marine science topics including, satellites, drones, Sargassum, water quality and NOAA observations federal, state, local government, academia and NGO’s
  • Collaborations and networking with over 50 scientists, natural resources managers, students, government officials from various federal (NOAA, NASA, FWS), state (DNER, Environmental Quality), Academia (UPRM, U of Hawaii, U of Virgin Islands) and local NGO’s (VIDAS, Protectores de Cuencas, Ridge to Reefs)