Wendy Prudencio

Cohort Level: IV

Career Goal: Wendy wants to create more resilient coastal communities that experience atmospheric natural hazards more frequently and have disproportionately fewer resources.

Expected Graduation Date: May 22, 2025

Degree: Ph.D. Public Policy

Research Title: Plumbing in Puerto Rico as an Indicator of Poverty in Coastal Areas

Research Synopsis: There are many indicators of poverty such as income, but plumbing is not often seen as an indicator of water security. The Census Bureau (n.d.) describes Puerto Rico with over 46 percent of the population living in poverty. Using geospatial technology, IPUMS data, and the American Community Survey data, Geographic Information System maps of Puerto Rico are created to show the disparities among water security. Pluming as an indicator of poverty explains the differences between households that have incomplete plumbing and those with complete plumbing. Plumbing as an indicator of poverty sheds light into what contributes to the overall high levels of poverty in Puerto Rico. The goal of this project aligns with NOAA’s mission to share knowledge and information with others to create more resilient communities.