Tyler Tucker

Tyler Tucker
M.S, Applied Mathematics, Graduate, 06/01/2018

Cohort Level: Cohort - I

Career Goal: I would like to continue working at NOAA as a career.

Expected Graduation Date: May 1, 2018

Degree: M.S Applied Mathematics

Research Title: Atmospheric Measurements & Instrument Calibrations at Mauna Loa Observatory

Research Synopsis: am responsible for the biannual Dobson Spectrophotometer calibration at Mauna Loa, HI, and delivering daily data to the Global Monitoring Division in Boulder, CO. The World Standard Ozone Observations (WSOO) carried depends on this calibration. This will help maintain high-quality measurements in the entire WMO Global Atmospheric Watch Program of ozone observations. Langley method data shall be collected daily as weather permits and transmitted to Boulder Global Monitoring Division (GMD) within 24 hours of collection. I will also assist the station with weekly ozone and monthly water vapor profile measurements using balloon-borne instruments. Additional duties include atmospheric sampling, maintaining/improving the MLO website, and hosting tours to MLO. As an important outcome, the above tasks will provide me with the skills and experiences on how to take scientific measurements used for world standard monitoring and research efforts. This internship is an opportunity to meet and forge professional links with NOAA members and its affiliates. The work to be accomplished will be a cherished personal and professional life experience and will support my efforts to find professional employment among the NOAA agencies.