Steven Trochez

Steven Trochez
Masters, CCNY

Cohort 4

Theme 2: Atmospheric Hazard

Advisor: Kevin Foster

NOAA Mentor: TBD

Expected Graduation: May 2021

Degree: Economics

Research Title: Does Pollution Increase School Absences in NYC?

Research Project Synopsis:  As a master’s student, I was given the opportunity to work on something that I’m truly passionate about and that is the economic effects that air pollution can have on children. Literature suggests that children who miss a lot of school achieve poorer grades, are less engaged in school, and are more likely to drop out. Absences are also of concern to parents, who have to miss work, and to schools, who can lose money per day for an unexcused absence. Absenteeism matters to the future success of children because being present in the classroom, is vital to receiving the consistent instruction they need to build on basic skills like reading and the help they need to become proficient in the subject matter. It is also a key factor in predicting graduation rates, college readiness and enrollment. Professor Kevin Foster and I want to see if air pollution increases school Absences in NYC schools.