Steven SIlverio

Steven SIlverio
Undergraduate, CCNY (Graduated 2020)

Cohort 4

Theme 2: Atmospheric Hazard

Advisor: Fred Moshary

Expected Graduation: December 2020

Degree: Electrical Engineering

Research Title: Aerosol Plume Transport and Impacts on the Air Quality in New York City

Research Project Synopsis: The focus was to determine the amount of PM_2.5,O_3, and CO in the atmosphere and determine their effect on air quality. To do this the amount of PM_2.5,O_3, and CO during the summers of 2018 and 2019 were focused on. Then a specific seven-day episode was chosen to emphasize the effects of aerosol plumes on the AQI in NYC. Then source of the smoke was tracked for those days.