Sterling Jones

Sterling Jones
B.S, Aviation Management, Air Traffic Control, Undergraduate

Cohort Level: Cohort - II

Career Goal: I intend on becoming an air traffic controller for the Federal Aviation Administration.

Expected Graduation Date: December 31, 1969

Degree: B.S Aviation Management, Air Traffic Control

Research Title: Improvements to Forecasting Severe Weather

Research Synopsis: Weather has one of the biggest impacts in the aviation industry. Severe weather can especially be detrimental to the airline industry; causing delays, accidents, and massive economic loss. On August 2, 1985, the United States witnessed a catastrophic event, Delta Airlines Flight 191 crashed at Dallas/Fort-Worth International Airport. The event killed 137 people, marking as the third incident due to an unforeseen microburst. The DFW Microburst struck as an eye-opener to demand improvements of detection systems that thoroughly recognizes severe weather, enforcing remote sensing instruments. This study will explore how well did the modernization of weather instruments improve after the DFW microburst accident. Validation plots were created to determine the precision of advanced baseline imagery and polar hyperspectral sounding. Ultimately, the case study recognizes the improvements of satellites to accurately detect hazardous weather and forecast severe weather. I will continue observing atmospheric phenomena, finding ways to increase forecasting data, and help produce a faster method to output advanced baseline imagery.