Stephen Escarzaga

Stephen Escarzaga
PhD, Environmental Science & Engineering, Graduate

Cohort Level: Cohort - I

Career Goal: My goal is move away from research go directly into the kind of operation science that NOAA performs (whether that be in NOAA, USGS or a private contractor)

Expected Graduation Date: December 1, 2021

Degree: PhD Environmental Science & Engineering

Research Title: Improving the characterization of Arctic Coastlines and the Near-Shore environment: Developing and evaluating various remote-sensing techniques for the coastal village of Barrow, Alaska

Research Synopsis: The overarching goal of my graduate research is to develop novel remote sensing approaches that advance understanding of how Arctic coastlines and near-shore environments are changing, particularly those along the Beaufort Coast of Northern Alaska. In doing so, my aim is to: 1) develop protocols to expand the utility and value of NOAA Remote Sensing Division Coastal Airborne Imaging Data; 2) assess the spatio-temporal variation of coastal change using resultant data products using resultant, higher-level data products from Objective 1; 3) track and asses changes to nearshore water quality parameters as they pertain to this coastal change (erosion) using ocean color algorithms and remote sensing data; 4) conduct a comparative analysis of the geomorphic modeling capabilities between a number of remote sensing platforms spanning spatial scales