Stephen Escarzaga

Stephen Escarzaga
Ph.D. Candidate, UTEP


The University of Texas at El Paso
Biology Building, Rm. 325
500 W University Ave.
El Paso, TX 79968

Cohort 1 Theme 3: Water Prediction & Ecosystem Services Project 2: Data assimilation for multi-tiered now cast runoff system Task: Assessing arctic coastal erosion with image processing

Advisor: Craig Tweedie NOAA Mentor: Dr. Nicole Kinsman (NOS) Expected Graduation: May 2020 Degree: Environmental Science & Engineering

Research Title: Improving the Characterization of Arctic Coastlines and the Near-Shore Environment: Developing and Evaluating Various Remote-Sensing Techniques for the Coastal Village of Barrow, Alaska

Research Synopsis: The goal of my study is to improve the characterization of dynamic Arctic coastlines and near shore areas utilizing a number of novel remote sensing approaches. This study will touch on four areas of current remote sensing technologies and their applications of different coastal zone aspects: 1) Determine how landscape micro topographic changes are coupled to ecosystem changes utilizing a multi-year time series of Terrestrial Laser Scanning data along a section of Chukchi coastal bluff; 2) Optimize a method of automated coastline retrieval and classification for the highly varied coastlines in the Arctic using Barrow, Alaska as a test in order to expedite estimates of coastal erosion; 3) Assess a range of different approaches for satellite derived near shore bathymetry production given the unique challenges highly turbid Arctic waters present; 4) Characterize the optical properties of coastal waters near Barrow to determine the long term changes of terrestrial inputs of carbon to near shore waters using moderate-resolution, historic datasets from Landsat platforms.