Stephany Paredes Mesa

Stephany Paredes Mesa
MS Candidate, CCNY (Graduated, 2018)


The City College of New York
Steinman Hall, Rm. 119
160 Convent Avenue
New York, NY 10031

Cohort 1 Theme 3: Water Prediction & Ecosystem Services Project 1: Water Resource Assessments Task 2: Snow and ice cover climatology data product

Advisors: Peter Romanov & Tarendra Lakhankar NOAA Mentors: Ralph Ferraro (NESDIS/STAR) Expected Graduation: May 2018 Degree: Civil Engineering

Research Title: Evaluation of microwave-based snow products and their synergy to improve snow extent, snow depth and snow water equivalent (SWE) characterization

Research Synopsis: Snow cover and snow parameters as snow depth and snow water equivalent are important weather and climate factors. One of the remote sensing techniques used to monitor snow cover is based on satellite observations in the microwave bands. All daily global snow products generated by the MIRS system will be acquired from the NOAA Comprehensive Large Array-data Stewardship System (CLASS). Quality evaluation of the products will be performed visually. Accuracy assessment of the derived snow extent and snow depth data will be performed using snow depth observations from in situ ground-based stations and snow cover analysis made interactively within NOAA Interactive Multi-sensor Snow and Ice Mapping System (IMS). Accuracy assessment will be conducted for different seasons and different locations over the world. The approach to combine observations from different satellites and sensors will be determined later once the accuracy assessment of individual products is available.