Roberto Garcia

Roberto Garcia
Undergraduate, UTEP (Graduated, 2018)


The University of Texas at El Paso
Engineering Building, Rm. A-325
500 W University Ave.
El Paso, TX 79968

Cohort 1 Theme 2: Atmospheric Hazards

Advisor: Miguel Velez-Reyes 

Expected Graduation: December 2018 

Degree: Electrical Engineering

Research Title: GOES-16 Level 2 Land Surface Temperature - Filling For Cloud Masked Data

Research Synopsis:
The GOES-16 satellite ground segment team develops different levels of environmental products and makes them readily available to the public. The Level 2 Land Surface Temperature (LST) product aims to provide a remote measurement of the Earth’s surface temperature every hour. The product however, does not calculate values for pixels where the satellite imager’s view is obstructed by clouds, as determined by a cloud mask intermediate product.