Owen Parker

Owen Parker
MS Candidate, CCNY


The City College of New York
Marshak Science Building, Rm. 931
160 Convent Avenue
New York, NY 10031

Cohort 1 Theme 1: Coastal Resilience Project 1: CREST Coastal Ocean Observing Systems Task: Deployment of instrumentation and processing of data of atmospheric trace gases in coastal waters

Advisor: Maria Tzortziou NOAA Mentor: Winston Luke (OAR) Expected Graduation: June 2018 Degree: Geology

Research Title: Assessing spatiotemporal variability in air pollution in urban coastal regions.

Research Synopsis: The project is is focused on variability in anthropogenic trace gases above urban coastal environments. Specifically, NO2 and O3 above the southern Korean peninsula, and above the Baltimore/DC area of the Chesapeake Bay. Currently, I can identify where and when anomalous events occur.

NERTO Title: Surface and total column NO2 dynamics in urban coastal regions

NERTO Synopsis: Urban coastal areas are characterized by strong variability in both water and air quality. Variability in atmospheric composition is associated with both anthropogenic emissions and meteorological processes that influence the circulation and accumulation of atmospheric pollutants at the land-ocean interface. Improving monitoring of coastal dynamics and assessing impacts of coastal pollution on coastal communities, economies, and ecosystems is among NOAA's key research priorities.

This project will focus on measurements of atmospheric variability in coastal areas, using various in-situ and remote sensing sensors. Specifically, one of the objectives is to deploy sensors at fixed locations across coastal regions, as well as onboard research vessels and moving platforms, to assess spatial and temporal (diurnal and seasonal) dynamics in atmospheric traces gases (NO2 and O3) over estuarine and coastal waters, as well as across the land-ocean interface. Measurements will be performed in coastal regions characterized by different levels of atmospheric pollution, including the Chesapeake Bay estuary. Results will be compared with measurements of atmospheric nitrogen pollution performed as part of NOAA ARL (Air Resources Laboratory) field activities. Ground-based estimates of total column NO2 and ozone from a ground-based network of Pandora spectrometers with also be compared with satellite retrievals of total column NO2 and ozone in coastal regions, using satellite measurements from Suomi NPP OMPS and Aura OMI.