Laura Bayona-Roman

Laura Bayona-Roman
M.Phil, Applied Sociology, Graduate

Cohort Level: Cohort - V

Career Goal: After I complete my Master's degree, I would like to apply for a social science, research position at a think tank or a research institute in the state of Maryland.

Expected Graduation Date: December 21, 2021

Degree: M.Phil Applied Sociology

Research Title: Energy Inequality in the Wake of Disasters

Research Synopsis: This project focuses on the provision and restoration of electricity in the wake of disasters, an important determinant of loss of life, the effectiveness of emergency operations, and the provisions of water, among public and private goods and services. This study draws on the fields of anthropology, sociology, political science, geography, and computational sciences to develop a new approach to allocating disaster recovery resources so as to reduce the loss of life and reach optimal allocations that avoid overburdening vulnerable communities.