Kenneth Arguedas

Cohort Level: Cohort - III

Career Goal: My career goal is to work as a professional engineer in an environmental protection agency like the Federal EPA or the State DEP or in the private sector as an environmental consultant or environmental remediation specialist.

Expected Graduation Date: August 31, 2022

Degree: B.E Environmental Engineering

Research Title: Comparison and analysis of NY-uHMT and NWS Weather Station Data

Research Synopsis: Weather variables such as precipitations and temperature are commonplace measurements that permeate many aspects of everyday life. Analyzing this weather data is therefore valuable to scientists, and the people they serve, because it provides insights into the dynamics of the natural surroundings. Through the usage of 20 weather stations (uHMT) throughout New York City, provides urban climate variability in the NYC. Comparisons will be made through existing three National Weather Service Stations. Validating the data of our weather stations is an essential step in creating data source that is regarded with high levels of trust. By completing comparisons of highlighted weather variable between our data and other sources of data, we can continue to increase the confidence we have in uHMT network. Data visualizations are also a vital component in one of NOAA’s overarching goal of creating a weather-ready nation. We would like to enable effective communication of the data acquired through uHMT and other findings discovered from comparisons to both specialized and broader audiences.