Geselle Coleman

Geselle Coleman
MS Candidate, HU


Hampton University
Phenix Hall
23 Tyler Street
Hampton, VA 23668

Cohort 1 Theme 2: Atmospheric Hazards Project 2: CREST Observing Systems for Atmospheric Process and Air Quality Applications Task: Forecasting for CESON activities

Advisor: John Anderson NOAA Mentor: Jamese Sims (NESDIS OSGS) Expected Graduation: May 2019 Degree: Atmospheric Science

Research Title: Developing Forecasting Products/Tools for CESON DBS Activities

Research Synopsis: Ms. Geselle Coleman began her CREST experience at Hampton University (HU) on June 1, 2017. She had just earned her B.S. in Meteorology from Jackson State University in May 2017. Since then, she has participated in the HU Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) training workshop, the GOES-16 and JPSS workshops at the recent NOAA Satellite Conference hosted by CUNY/CCNY, and is finishing up the NOAA CREST center-wide basic core-competency program. During the DBS workshop and JPSS workshop, she gained skills in polar-orbiting satellite data analysis and manipulation using the Hydra software and knowledge on the SNPP and JPSS satellite systems. She has also gained skills and a working knowledge of the GOES-16 data. In addition, she met Dr. Jamese Sims of NOAA/NESDIS OSPO at the Satellite conference, and after some discussion, Dr. Sims agreed to be her NOAA mentor. Ms. Coleman will therefore participate in her NERTO during the summer of 2018 under the guidance of Dr. Sims at NOAA/NESDIS OSPO. Preliminary plans consist of using the acquired skills to perform GOES-16 and JPSS satellite data analysis to potentially create or enhance forecasting products and tools. In addition, Ms. Coleman will glean information on all things involved in the day-to-day operations of the OSPO lab which will assist her in the R2O process and enhance her professional development.