Erin Wengerter

Erin Wengerter
B.E, Environmental Engineering, Undergraduate, 06/04/2021

Cohort Level: Cohort - III

Career Goal: After graduation, I would love to either further my education in a Master Degree or go into a profession/career in which I can fulfill my professional goals in the most impactful/substantial way. However, I would first like to gain some real world experience to better solidify what I would like to do with my knowledge or what field I would like to dive into. Therefore, I believe finding a career that would be willing to support my continued education in the near future would be the most ideal.

Expected Graduation Date: May 25, 2021

Degree: B.E Environmental Engineering

Research Title: The Human and Economic Impact of Flooding within New York City

Research Synopsis: It is important to understand the economic and social perspective on how various forms of flooding around the boroughs in N.Y.C. can negatively impact the city as a whole. The regions which experience flooding more frequently are expected to experience the most deterioration of infrastructure as well as economic loss as local businesses, industries, transportation, traffic, and residences cease to function effectively. Research can be conducted through programming and data analysis of data collected from the NYC OpenData and 311 Service Requests. Rather than just focusing on the coast, a better understanding can be developed of the patterns and human effects of floods that are found within the interconnected neighborhoods and streets of the city.