Daniel Hernandez

Daniel Hernandez
B.E, Computer Science, Undergraduate, 05/24/2022

Cohort Level: Cohort - II

Career Goal: To discovery specializations that I find comfortable and fit in with NOAA's mission

Expected Graduation Date: May 24, 2022

Degree: B.E Computer Science

Research Title: Satellite Dynamic Mapping of Forest Fire Risk Zones in Western USA

Research Synopsis: Forest fires prove a threat to the delicate balance of the forest’s ecosystem and life. While some forest vegetation may rely on low intensity fires in order to survive, the rising frequency and scale of these fires have a negative long-term effect on the forest’s ecosystem. Such effects include the disappearance of some species once found common in some forests, and proliferation of invasive plants.Forest fires also contribute to climate change and the greenhouse effect through the mass amounts of carbon dioxide released in fires. The ashes accumulated in these forest fires also erode the soil, making it more susceptible to flooding and landslides. These fires also propose economical and social problems in our society. Fires spread from forest to residential areas, destroying property and leaves many without a home. Fires interrupt transportation, and the containment of these fires requires a large amount of labor force in the way of the fire department and the air national guard. A thorough assessment of the fires is necessary to allow us to take certain steps towards the long-term prevention forest fires, as responding to live fires is costly and ineffective in a long term scale.