Alana Menendez

Alana Menendez
PhD, Earth and Environmental Sciences , Graduate

Cohort Level: Cohort - II

Career Goal: Obtain a postdoctoral position to further the possibility of becoming a professor, or working at an institute or company improving the coastal sustainability of New York City. I am also contemplating the idea of applying to the NOAA Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship after graduation. I would like to see how I can relate my scientific understandings of coastal ocean processes to enacting better climate change policy and water management.

Expected Graduation Date: August 31, 2022

Degree: PhD Earth and Environmental Sciences

Research Title: Colored Dissolved Organic Matter in the Coastal Zone: Using Satellite Remote Sensing to Elucidate Source and Fate

Research Synopsis: I am examining colored dissolved organic matter (CDOM) dynamics in Long Island Sound estuary– trying to determine sources and fate of CDOM for this system and how this can vary over time and space, which has implications for Long Island Sound water quality and metabolism. This work involves extensive analysis of in situ water samples, as well as satellite remote sensing imagery analysis at medium and high spatial resolutions.