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Maria Tzortziou Named to GLIMR Satellite Science Team

Posted on March 2, 2020

Maria Tzortziou Named to GLIMR Satellite Science Team

NOAA CESSRST faculty member Maria Tzortziou, Professor of Earth & Atmospheric Science at City College of New York, has been appointed a member of the Science Team for NASA's new satellite mission GLIMR (Geosynchronous Littoral Imaging and Monitoring Instrument). She will serve at the team’s Applications Point of Contact.

GLIMR was recently selected under NASA's Earth Venture Instrument (EVI) portfolio, with an award of $108 million. The mission, which is led by University of New Hampshire, is expected to launch in 2027.

GLIMR will be NASA's first hyper-spectral imager in a geostationary orbit. It will provide high-sensitivity, high-spatial, and high-temporal resolution measurements of coastal and ocean ecosystems in the Gulf of Mexico, parts of the southeastern U.S. coastline and the Amazon River plume.

The GLIMR mission will provide unique observations of ocean biology, chemistry, and ecology that are critically needed to improve coastal resource management, enhance decision making, and enable rapid response to natural and man-made coastal hazards, including harmful algal blooms, flood events, dead zones, and oil spills.

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