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Empowering Native Communities - A Voice for NOAA and Native Americans

Posted on August 19, 2020

Courtesy of NOAA.

For NOAA’s 50th anniversary, A series of videos about NOAA Legends has been created: people of color who were “firsts” in NOAA science, service, and stewardship. 

A Voice for NOAA and Native Americans
Shown are Georgia Madrid, a NOAA Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist in Boulder, and
the Taos Pueblo (NM) where she grew up. Georgia is featured in a NOAA Legends video in whichshe said: “American Indians were the first people in the U.S., yet we can be invisible, and I feel a responsibility to build awareness. At the Taos Pueblo (NM) where I grew up, everything is tied tothe land. Our role is to be good stewards.” Bridging NOAA's work with Native American culture,Georgia develops tribal seminars and sparks activities with Tribal Colleges and Native science organizations and students. “It is,” she said, "an empowering experience.”

NOAA's  history is rich with unique stories and experiences of staff from all kinds of cultures and backgrounds—some shared, some very distinct — and many of these stories stretch back before NOAA’s creation. These interviews help us tell the stories behind the motivations, challenges, and defining moments these unsung heroes experienced to support NOAA’s mission.

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