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CUNY Summer STEM Research Symposium and Summer Bridge Program

Posted on August 15, 2016

CUNY Summer STEM Research Symposium and Summer Bridge Program

Summer Bridge Program

The Summer Bridge Program at CREST is  an 8 weeks of research experience and internship where students  learn about NOAA missions related STEM fields (Science, Social Science and Engineering). The students engage in hands-on research guided by faculty mentors and graduate students. The program also offers

  • Graduate school advising
  • Special seminars, professional preparation and training for freshmen and sophomores on how to submit a successful application package for NOAA Undergraduate Scholarship Programs http://www.noaa.gov/office-education/epp-msi/undergraduate-scholarship
  • Special seminars, speakers, lab tours, and field trips
  • $4,000 summer internship stipend on successful completion of the 8 weeks internship

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The CUNY CREST Symposium

This is an annual event organized at the end of summer where all students and interns can showcase the research and work done over the course of the summer. These includes

1. REU

2. Summer bridge


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