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CESSRST Faculty publishes paper on teleconnections of long duration floods

Posted on December 30, 2016

CESSRST Faculty publishes paper on teleconnections of long duration floods

Dr. Naresh Devineni and Nasser Najibi recently published an article in Advances in Water Resources Journal on the atmospheric teleconnections of long duration floods. Large dams along the main stem of the Missouri River Basin are selected for this investigation. 

"For each dam, we differentiate long duration floods from short duration floods and identify what hydrological, climatological and atmospheric conditions cause the long duration floods". 

Naresh and Nasser derived a precursor index that shows an incipient condition for long duration floods. There is an organized atmospheric structure (spatial arrangement of high-pressure nad low-pressure areas) that draws the storm tracks repeatedly into the region causing recurrent rainfall events. These repeated waves of rainfall events fill up the dams and cause river overflows. We are now developing reservoir operation models using this prognostic information for managing flood hazards better . 

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