Conrad Lautenbacher Application

Conrad Lautenbacher Application

The Conrad Lautenbacher Application is open

NOAA CESSRST Lautenbacher Scholarship Application

NOTE: Support is available for one year with the option of extending for one additional year, subject to availability of funds and performance. Renewal of the scholarship requires submission of a new application.

Current College/University Information

Please list the current courses you are taking this academic year

Course Title / Course Number / Hours

Past College/University Information

List Technical Schools, Universities/Colleges. Begin with most current institution. Transcripts are required from each institution listed below.
Additional Schools/University

Research Experience

Describe paid or non-paid research experience related to NOAA’s mission sciences.

Public Service Experience

Describe paid or non-paid public service or volunteer experiences and how these activities support STEM and NOAA’s mission.

Employment Record

Employer / Duration / Position / Nature of Work

Academic Awards and Honors

Include undergraduate and graduate honors (if applicable).


List three persons familiar with your academic preparation and public service activities.
One reference MUST be from the Center Director.

(Upload ALL references in one single PDF file)
References may also be sent to noaacessrst@ccny.cuny.edu

Statement of Career and Academic Goals and Objectives

The scholarship is designed to support students interested in NOAA mission related sciences. Your statements must reflect your interest in these areas with special emphasis on Public Service and Community Engagement. (for more information on NOAA, visit http://www.noaa.gov). Your two-page cover letter must describe your current or proposed public service activities and research in NOAA mission fields and how this scholarship will support NOAA’s mission. Your answers are vital to the overall evaluation of your application.

Please draft and submit your cover letter answering the following questions to indicate the relationship between your academic interests and the objectives of the Conrad Lautenbacher Public Service Scholarship:

  • Discuss the research area you are currently pursuing in graduate school and its relationship to NOAA’s mission.
  • How have your planned or current public service activities demonstrated a commitment to supporting NOAA’s mission?
  • Discuss any previous work and/or educational experience in remote sensing technology or in the atmospheric, oceanic, and/or environmental sciences.
  • Discuss your career plans as they relate to engaging in fields that support NOAA’s mission.

Cover Letter and Resume Upload

Include a two-page cover letter describing your current or proposed public service activities and research in NOAA mission fields and how this scholarship will support NOAA’s mission.

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